The Vortice

The Vortice, at Strike Ten Pin Bowling, Rochdale. Jenna Willis said: "Quite frankly I was bowled over."


Unnamed dryer at John Lennon Airport, Liverpool. All I want is dry hands. You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. Lennon would be ashamed that this contraption existed in an airport that stole his name.

Lytlec Automatic Hand Dryer

The Richmond pub, Scarsbrick New Road, Southport. Spotter Jake Hargreaves said: "This is the worst hand dryer ever. So bad I had to take a picture."

Vent-Axia Powerdry

The Vent-Axia Powerdry at Conwy Castle, Wales. This displays the same level of fortitude which saw Conwy Castle taken hostage during the reign of Edward IV.


The Aircalor, National Express coach from Manchester to Liverpool. Photographer Marise Lindsey said: "Shit at blowing - just like my mam."

Aqua Dri by Santon

The Aqua Dri by Santon, found at the Old Boars Head, Middleton. Supplied by Marise Lindsey, who said: "Mediocre drying system. Typical of a Middleton drinking establishment."

PHS Airstream 5000

The PHS Airstream 5000 at the Slug and Lettuce, Clerkenwell, London. Nick McDermott said: "Polished exterior, dated and much abused interior, this sleek white model can still blow like a Manchester hooker on an England striker when called upon. At roughly 1200 watts a go. 6/10."

Dyson Airblade

The Dyson Airblade, Liverpool One shopping complex. This dryer is to toilet hygiene what the washing machine was to women's lib. There can be no argument: the Dyson is the most satisfying and efficient hand dryer in Great Britain.

Newlec NLS Auto

The Newlec NLS Auto at Cue World snooker hall, Grimsby. Don't nip to the loo if it's your shot any time soon.

The Xlerator

The Xlerator at Tesco, Old Swan. Easily the best of the old generation of hand dryers. "Ridiculously powerful – my veins moved." Not my words, the words of LFC TV cameraman David C Cartwright. This picture was supplied by Leanne Hamling.

Mitsubishi Jet Towel Dryer

Mitsubishi Jet Towel Dryer, provided by Keren David. She said: "These futuristic sleek white dryers seemed strangely out of place in the stable-door style toilets of the National Trust property at Stourhead, Wiltshire. Sticking your hands in the blue light was amazing - a powerful jet of warm air dried them almost immediately. No other hand dryer I've experienced has come near to their speed and efficiency. And the National Trust has a huge poster explaining how to use them, with a helpful diagram, which shows it has low expectations of its visitors' IQ."

Airstream 2000ss

Airsteam 2000ss Automatic Hand Dryer, Lime Street Station, Liverpool. Like the trains in this country, the Airstream 2000ss promises much but delivers little. Hopelessly second rate.


Unnamed dryer provided by Rob Getaway, who said: "Gloucester. Old-school hand dryer, featuring the hands of the man who fathered me. The toilets were a delight of dim lighting, 1980s framed photographs of motorbikes, insufficient pot pourri, and the strains of live country "music" coming from the bar next door. Good quality hand drying capabilities like the blast from a Yamaha FZ 750 exhaust. 7/10."

The Airforce (silver)

Another Airforce, this time at the Saracens public house in Lancs. This was provided by Jake Hargreaves, who revealed it left his hands feeling 'soft and tingly'.